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Inventing Art, the paintings of Batuan Bali

Maya Ubud Blog from FeedBurner - Wed, 12/19/2012 - 10:10
I Gede Widyantara, Title Life in Serenity Land.Inventing Art, the paintings of Batuan Bali Announcing the publication of a major book on the unique paintings of Batuan Bali. This book consists of 337 pages and includes 327 full color reproductions, 24 illustrations, maps and diagrams. It was written and illustrated by the long term Bali resident, Bruce Granquist and published in 5 colors by the renowned printing company CS Graphics in Singapore.This authoritative volume is the result of 3 ½ years of direct field interviews with the active painters in Batuan, along with an extensive mapping project to locate the homes of all these painters within the village as a whole. It is also based on research of various documents, from field work done in Batuan by the anthropologists Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson in 1938, to unpublished manuscripts on Balinese aesthetics by a variety of scholars throughout the world.One important and ground breaking element of this book is a 45 page section that defines Batuan paintings according to 8 different qualifications. Essentially, this section shows how the painters start with an empty page and build their paintings step by step into complex images. This section shows how the Batuan artists create paintings which show the everyday environment of their village, synthesized together with images inspired by the spirit world. The paintings they create are at once recognizable, and at the same time startling and surrealistic.There are two main goals of this book. The first is to celebrate the ‘invention’ of this entirely new school of painting in Batuan in the 1930’s. This book traces the evolution of this artistic creation beginning with a look at the general cultural environment in Batuan at that time, the arts and the ritual life that could have provided inspiration for the first painters. The book goes on the show how the interaction between the first Batuan painters and 5 foreign guests in Bali at that time helped to introduce the first paintings to people from outside Bali, thereby creating a market for them. The book demonstrates that credit for the creation of this school of art belongs firmly with the village painters, drawn from the rich pool of their artistic environment. While at the same time it shows how the marketing and promotional assistance by foreigners ensured its establishment and longevity as a new tradition.I Ketut Nama (Alm), Title Cak Dedari.Secondly, this book demonstrates methods for us to look at these paintings. There is ample material in the book that helps to ‘decode’ and understand the culturally based imagery in the paintings and helps those viewers with no prior knowledge of this culture to identify and appreciate this meaning. But importantly, the book also shows how a large portion of meaning that is communicated by these paintings is conveyed by the pure forms that make up the images, the lines shapes and colors. In very clear and accessible text, the book shows how each of us are able to understand the meaning of pure form, no prior knowledge is required, any viewer with a patience and sensitive eye is able to understand the meaning communicated by lines, shapes and colors.I Ketut Murtika, Title Bratayuda. This book makes a strong case that large format books about art can do more than simply catalog paintings and identify the iconography they contain. This book also deals directly with the complex and subtle issues of meaning in art, explaining what we can expect to understand from an art of a different culture. This book deals with these issues in a clear and direct manner, engaging these important questions authoritatively and with a light touch. Advance readers of this book have concurred that these ‘big questions’ are presented clearly, in a fresh and accessible manner.Event: Book launching and exhibitionBook author: Bruce GranquistArtist contact: brucegran@yahoo.com    HP 08123-854-775Book title: Inventing Art, the paintings of Batuan BaliExhibition title: Inventing Art, the paintings of Batuan BaliExhibition opening: December 15thExhibition date: December 15th- January 14thVenue: ARMA Museum & Resort, Ubud - Bali

Menanam Pohon Sejak Dini

Maya Ubud Blog from FeedBurner - Mon, 10/29/2012 - 10:43
Siswa siswi SD Taman Rama mengenal pelestarian lingkungan di Maya Ubud Resort and Spa.Pada tanggal 27 October lalu, Maya Ubud Resort & Spa mendapatkan kunjungan istimewa dari siswa dan siswi SD Taman Rama. Kedatangan mereka disambut oleh Green Team Maya Ubud yang akan membantu dalam belajar bersama melestarikan lingkungan.Maya Ubud Resort & Spa memiliki areal yang cukup luas, dimana terdapat berbagai jenis tanaman bunga, pepohonan, tanaman buah dan rempah-rempah sehingga lingkungan hotel terasa sangat hijau dan asri. Selain itu, Maya Ubud juga memiliki kebun organic yang banyak memberikan kontribusi sayur-sayuran, rempah-rempah dan buah-buahan segar untuk digunakan dalam hidangan.Dengan panduan Green Team, para siswa siswi sangat antusias dan senang ketika diberikan kesempatan secara langsung untuk melakukan penanaman bibit rempah-rempah, mempelajari bagaimana memelihara dan merawat tanaman secara organic serta mengetahui ketika waktu panen tiba.  Melalui pembelajaran sejak dini, Maya Ubud Resort & Spa berharap bahwa anak-anak akan dengan senang hati melestarikan lingkungan sekitar mereka dan meneruskan program penghijauan demi menjaga bumi Indonesia.

From the River to the Ocean, From the People to the Future

Maya Ubud Blog from FeedBurner - Fri, 09/21/2012 - 09:44
Maya Ubud Resort and Spa once again participated in the annual Ocean Conservancy Program as part of its sustainable environmental protection efforts. The cleaning of the Petanu River bank, which serves as the eastern boundary of the resort, was cleaned on September 15th2012 by a team of employees representing every department of the resort, along with the assistance of volunteers from the neighboring village of Dukuh Griya, to prevent the waste dumped in the river from flowing down to the ocean.Along a 1.2 km stretch of the river cleaned, we collected 215 kilograms of garbage, which consisted of:· 477 plastic bags of varying size · 260 pieces of clothing, shoes & Sandals  · 185 plastic beverage containers · 133 foil food wrappers & containers ·   74 pieces of building materials and many moreAfter sorting and weighing the garbage it was later sent for proper disposal at the Temesi Recycling Plant in Gianyar. The Ocean Conservancy was founded in 1972, with goals to promote healthy and diverse ocean ecosystems. Ocean Conservancy educates and empowers citizens to take action on behalf of the ocean. From the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico to the halls of Congress, Ocean Conservancy brings people together to find solutions for protecting our planet’s water. Informed by science, the work guides policy and engages people in protecting the ocean and its wildlife for future generations. We believe that by our participation in this annual event, we at Maya Ubud Resort & Spa continuously contribute to the environmental protection of the river, and by involving our employees, improve their environmental awareness and assist in their education and that of our customers and stakeholders. 

Electricity reduction program at maya ubud

Maya Ubud Blog from FeedBurner - Fri, 09/21/2012 - 09:37
Most hotels strive to reduce power consumption as electricity has become a major expense. Hotel operators want to reduce costs, but not to the detriment of their guests’ comfort; their top priority.Hotels and the hospitality industry in Bali are the biggest users of electricity, consuming almost 55 percent of the island’s total output of 696 megawatts of electricity and the rising  demand by the numerous new properties and villa complexes being developed, pose a major challenge for the state power company, PT PLN to cover even the current requirements in Bali.The reduction of our electricity consumption is one of the major goals of our energy conservation initiatives at Maya Ubud Resort & Spa. During the first semester of 2012, we were able to save about 15,000 KWH per month on the electricity used in our cooling system. This was due to the implementation of an energy efficiency program on check-in protocol aimed at reducing electricity consumption. This was done by setting guest room air-conditioning thermostats at 23°C.  This contributed greatly in achieving this cost reduction. Optimizing the fresh air circulation into guest rooms during the day, benefits not only in reducing the cost of cooling, but also reducing the cost of lighting.Others energy initiatives we highlight at Maya Ubud are reducing the lighting of public facilities in the hotel after midnight, maximizing the use of energy saving bulbs ( both LED & CFL), rigidly monitoring our preventive maintenance programs of the electrical equipment, reducing the operation time of all outdoor lighting, corridor and back office area by the installation of timers, controlling the running of pool  circulation pumps, using  motion sensor and photocells whenever possible for controlling lighting, maximizing natural  light for the guest rooms and offices, sourcing equipment which is more energy conserving efficient. The overall electricity reduction achieved in the first seven months of this year has been  215,000 KWH or 16% saving from the previous year 2011. This significant achievement in electricity reduction in 2012 is enhancing our sustainability programs here in Maya Ubud.Maya Ubud is very proud of its employee awareness and contribution to our sustainable energy efficiency initiatives and also appreciative their efforts and those of our stakeholders who are supportive and involved in our achieving performance improvements now and in the future.

Talk Travel Magazine featuring Maya Ubud Resort and Spa

Maya Ubud Blog from FeedBurner - Thu, 08/09/2012 - 14:19
Ubud Bali's Hidden ParadiseTalk Travel Magazine chooses Maya Ubud Resort and Spa as the best place to have the perfect holiday experience in Bali. "Set in its own private, hillside garden overlooking two lush river valleys, the  resort and spa is situated on a stunning 10 hectares. When I arrived at Maya Ubud I was impressed immediately from the main entrance, to the  lobby, the reception greeting and to villa accommodation.""The resort is perched majestically between the Petanu River valley and the rice terraces of Peliatan and is a landmark s of luxury and design. A delicate blend of traditional Balinese architectural features and neo-classic design creates a unique relaxed atmosphere, rich in character and style. A wonderful hideaway for the perfect holiday experience.""Rooms and villas have all the comfort,  facilities and convenience you would expect. Dining alternatives include formal riverside dining or sophisticated a la carte European and Asian sine. Beside the swirling waters the Petanu River, amidst the lushes of the rainforest, nestles the Spa Maya. Private treatment pavilions provide an individual oasis in which refreshing and aromatic oils, sooth and relax. Enjoy light healthy cuisine. The adjacent River Cafe after a leisurely morning rice field walk, a village bicycle tour or in the after flow of memorable massage.""Among the many recreation facilities at Maya Ubud are two swimming pools, tennis, pitch and putt, yoga pavilion and gym. Activities include nearby village trekking, nature excursions and mountain biking. There is also a complimentary program of yoga for beginners, Pilates introduction, nature walks and meditation." If you have friends or clients searching for peace and tranquillity in a rural setting, away from the crowds, great food and wine and an awesome place to enjoy a holiday in Bali, then the place is Maya Ubud Resort and Spa."Bordering the artist village of Ubud, it is a leisurely 20 minute stroll from Maya Ubud to the colourful and bustling central market, shops and delightful new discoveries for the tastebuds. Complimentary shuttle services between the resort and the township is available from 9am to 6pm daily.""A stay at Maya Ubud is something magical. This is a beautiful place to enjoy the quiet, peaceful, rainforest part of Bali. The resort is extremely well staffed and I was treated like royalty. I could not find a single fault with this resort. It truly lived up to its reputation."

Maya Ubud's Gold Sponsorship for Kopernik

Maya Ubud Blog from FeedBurner - Thu, 08/09/2012 - 13:23
Maya Ubud's Gold Sponsorship for Kopernik event 2012 Maya Ubud is generously sponsoring Yayasan Kopernik’s opening ceremony in Bali as part of the hotel’s commitment to supporting local community and environment initiatives.  Maya Ubud has provided the highest ‘gold’ level of sponsorship to the event, which will be held on 23 August 2012 at the Kopernik offices in Sayan, Ubud.  From left: Sankarsana Satria (FOM), Romy Anggara (EAM), Paul Blake (GM), Ewa Wojkowska (Co-Founder & COO), Toshihiro Nakamura (Co-Founder & CEO), Maria Sitorus (CS). Kopernik is a non-profit organization that distributes environmentally friendly life-changing technologies designed for the developing world - such as solar lights, fuel efficient cookstoves, and water filters – to poor, remote communities. Since the organization's launch in 2010, Kopernik has reached more than 75,000 people with life-changing technology in 11 countries, and 20,000 people in Indonesia alone. All Kopernik projects are funded by individual and corporate donors who crowd-fund projects of their choice directly via Kopernik’s website (http://www.kopernik.info). Solar powered LED light, telescope and microscope.Through its Bali-based Indonesia office, Kopernik aims to reach many more last-mile communities across Indonesia and specifically in Bali.  The technology Kopernik distributes is simple, yet life-changing - it means that people can have easy and affordable access to clean water and safe light.    In Bali the organization is already working with elementary schools and education programs to help children learn about science and technology and the environment through the introduction of fun educational toys to complement the school curriculum. Kopernik is working with many Indonesian NGO partners to distribute life-changing technologies to those who need them most across the archipelago.  To learn about the technologies that Kopernik distributes and the projects the organization has supported in Indonesia, or perhaps buy technology for yourself, you can visit the Warung Teknologi (War-tek) at the office in Sayan. And you can always donate to one of Kopernik’s projects by visiting their website:  www.kopernik.info or drop into the office at Pondok Wisata Sayan Ayu, Jl. Raya Kedewatan, Banjar Kutuh Sayan, Ubud Bali 80571.  And don’t forget to join the opening ceremony on 23 August from 4 until 6pm.  There will be a technology exhibition, fun and games and a silent auction to support technology distribution to those who need them most!

Indulgent Asian Spa

Maya Ubud Blog from FeedBurner - Thu, 08/09/2012 - 13:22
Relaxing Holiday Spa ExperienceImagine ... balmy summer breezes, gentle waves lapping against the shore. You're lying on your tummy with the smell of frangipani and jasmine wafting through the air. Gentle hands cast long strokes across your back in a repetitive kneading motion. Bliss.If this sounds like your type of holiday, then an Asian Spa holiday may just be what the doctor ordered. Cast aside the atrocious New Zealand summer, tell the boss that the report can wait, and throw the bikini in the suitcase. Now is the time to book your spa escape.Maya Ubud Resort and Spa, 45 mins from Bali Indulging Spa Experience at Maya Ubud Resort & SpaAt the Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, you are set in the rolling hills and misty mountains about 45 mins from the Bali beaches. Here they offer an array of Spa Packages including our favourite The Enchanting Ubud Experience which runs over 4 days and includes daily scheduled activities: yoga for beginners, introductory pilates, nature walks, and meditation; massage and flower baths; cycle tours; and some of your meals.Read more: http://tvnz.co.nz/house-of-travel-guide/indulgent-asian-spas-4853430

Sustainable Management Program

Maya Ubud Blog from FeedBurner - Thu, 06/21/2012 - 10:11
Support Community-based Tourism Maya Ubud Resort & Spa’s Sustainable Management Plan places much emphasis on our corporate social responsibility actions in the local communities.As part of this program, preserving local culture and protecting the environment is one of our primary aims.  The resort has therefore become the Bapak Angkat of the Penglipuran Village Community in Bangli.This community intends to provide simple tourist accommodation that will  enable visitors to the island to experience the true style of Balinese village life.Maya Ubud is assisting in training and guiding the village people in various aspects of customer services, health and safety concerns, financial management, food and beverage service in order they may capitalize on the potential their villages has to offer in respect of the art, culture and nature.This enriching experience will give visitors a rare opportunity to be involved in community-based tourism that will directly assist villagers in protecting the environment and preserving their cultural heritage, while at the same time being immersed in village life.  

Ferari Owner’s Support of Orphanage & School

Maya Ubud Blog from FeedBurner - Thu, 06/21/2012 - 10:06
FERARI OWNER'S SUPPORT OF ORPHANAGE & SCHOOLIn celebration of their  11th anniversary, the Ferari Owners Club Indonesia held a rally to Bali and enjoyed a celebratory lunch on Friday, May 13, 2012 at the Maya Ubud Resort & Spa. It was a truly splendor event involving forty Feraris and their owners. At the conclusion of the lunch, the car owners personally made a very generous donation to  two of our Corporate Social Responsibility programs by giving cheques in the amount of Rp37,500.000 to each: Our adopted orphanage, Welas Asih in Kintamani and our local Elementary School, SDN 3 Pejeng Kawan, in order to enhance the educational prospects of the children assisted by these two institutions.Maya Ubud Resort & Spa is greatly indebted to the Ferari Owners Club Indonesia for their overwhelming generosity and support of its two main social and education programs and is truly grateful. 

Donation to Orphanage

Maya Ubud Blog from FeedBurner - Thu, 06/07/2012 - 14:21
Our Adopted Orphanage In line with the Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Bali Hotels Association for each member hotel to adopt an orphanage in Bali, we at Maya Ubud Resort & Spa selected the Welas Asih Orphanage Kintamani. On Friday, May 23 2012 the resort complied with a request from the orphanage by donating dining utensils, plates, spoons, forks & cups, along with bed sheets, towels and sport uniforms for their football team. Welas Asih Orphanage is an orphanage that accommodates 52 unfortunate children from poor and under privileged families around Suter and concentrates on their education and  wellbeing.  We at Maya Ubud strongly believe that education is vital importance for the future generations of Bali’s village children in order that they will experience better future prospects

Their Future is Our Concern

Maya Ubud Blog from FeedBurner - Thu, 06/07/2012 - 14:12
Their Future is Our Concern An integral part of the Maya Ubud Resort & Spa’s Sustainable Management Plan and Corporate Social Responsibility program is to be involved in community development programs, especially those related to the education of village children. On Saturday March, 12,  2012 in support of the Elementary School SDN 3 Peliatan and to assist in their school health program (Usaha Kesehatan Sekolah) the resort donated boxes of floor tiles and a wash basin to improve the restroom facilities of the school, along with waste paper bins for the classrooms and garbage receptacles for the school grounds. By our actions we hope to enhance facilities at the school in the spirit of Ki Hajar Dewantoro “Ing Ngarso sung tulodo, Ing Madyo mangun karsi, Tut wuri handayani” (In front we give example, in the middle we encourage and from behind we monitor) are sensed for our leaders of tomorrow.

Bali rides a new wave of flavour

Maya Ubud Blog from FeedBurner - Thu, 01/19/2012 - 11:03
Australian chefs are turning the island into a global food-lovers' favourite.IN THE 2½ years since former Sydneysider Kath Townsend took on the executive chef role at luxury Ubud resort Maya, she has witnessed a momentum that shows no signs of slowing.''This season has been insane … and my first one was a record for Bali, despite the global financial crisis in Australia,'' Townsend says. ''The high season used to start at the end of June; now it starts at the beginning, even in Ubud, and we're supposed to be the village, boutique area.''Townsend has worked in Vietnam, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, and spent several years as Bill Granger's right-hand woman at Bills in Darlinghurst.Ubud duck, three ways, at Maya. She says there has been an influx of Australian chefs in Bali. It can feel as if there are more award-winning foreign chefs and restaurateurs there now than there are surfers, at least in the busiest areas of Seminyak, Legian and Ubud.Townsend reels off a few names: Stephen Moore, a former Rockpool guy at Cocoon Beach Club in Kuta; and in Ubud, Nicolas Lazzaroni, a chef who made a name for himself in Byron Bay and ''takes his food very seriously at Bridges''.''The general managers here really like Aussie chefs,'' Townsend says. ''They think we have a 'give it a go' attitude. I've been employable in Asia because they tell me I'm not like some European chefs; I don't have the 'this is my kitchen, stay out' attitude. We get on with it.''A dish at Davenport's Ku De Ta. Photo: Christopher LeggettThere are many theories about the flourishing dining scene. One highlights the ''new'' money coming in from Jakarta, China, Russia and India. There is also the fact that Italians and the French have always loved Bali and, as economic woes dog Europe, the island's value for money, great weather and exoticism make it a perfect alternative.Australian interest is also part of the picture: the number of Australian tourists choosing Bali for their holidays rose about 27 per cent (on the previous year) and was nudging 350,000 in the first half of last year.New Zealander Phil Davenport is executive chef at Ku De Ta in Seminyak. Like many of his island-bound colleagues, Davenport was known in Australia - as head chef at Bondi's Hugo's - before taking his career on the road, including a stint at a private club in London's Mayfair and at a boutique resort on the Caribbean island of Antigua.The lounge and restaurant at Metis. Davenport says he sees ''different people in different seasons''. July for Australians, for example, August for the French and Italians, January for the Russian Christmas revellers and Chinese New Year for guests from Singapore and Hong Kong. Then there is the local community, which includes a considerable French expat population of about 25,000.Prahran-based architect Charlie Salter designed the stunning Metis restaurant in Kerobokan, next to Seminyak, with Denpasar-based, Australian-educated Shinta Siregar from Nexus Studio. He has another theory: ''Bali is like the Gold Coast for people with money in Perth. It's just a three-hour flight, so plenty of Aussies own properties there. Consequently, you'll see the restaurants full of an older crowd, who are after an elegant, complete dining experience. They're the kind of people you'll see at Sarong.''Also in Kerobokan, Sarong is the opulent restaurant-cum-lounge from Will Meyrick, former chef at Sydney's Jimmy Liks and Longrain. It's a bit like Donovan's sexier, hot-blooded sister, with plush furniture, juxtapositions of style and plenty of room for lounging.Maya Sari restaurant in Ubud. Metis is fine dining as envisioned by Nicolas ''Doudou'' Tourneville and Said Alem, two men known for another popular place, Warisan. The downstairs section of the restaurant is arranged in a U shape. Tuck into sashimi-style scallops, or stuffed zucchini flowers, as you look out over lily-filled ponds, which are spotlit at night. Metis mixes food, shopping and design with boutiques and galleries through the complex, a concept Warisan pioneered.But it is catering that Salter says the Metis guys have really tapped into. There is big business to be had in Bali, with customers coming from Jakarta, China, India and elsewhere. From wedding receptions and cocktail parties to anniversaries or corporate events, people are looking for places outside of big hotels to host large functions. This could mean somewhere such as Metis but also at the large walled villas popping up all over the island.Regular visitors to Bali have their favourites, depending on where they stay, and new ones are constantly appearing. La Lucciola, the thatched-roof grand dame on Seminyak beach, remains a romantic and sentimental favourite, the kind of place at which one might pop the question.Gado Gado, also by the water, is a beautiful spot to tuck into a nest of angel-hair pasta with chilli crab or a smoked-salmon sandwich with hand-cut coleslaw for lunch. The venue's huge deck looks out on swimmers and men selling kites and it appeals to couples and families alike. A large tree grows up through the deck, its long, low arm reaching down over the waiters' station, meaning the serving staff have to limbo to get to their equipment; there's also a bar that beckons for a sunset cocktail.Sarong is a gorgeous night out, welcoming and serving Asian street food that's had a million-dollar makeover. Try the twice-cooked pork belly with mandarin slices on the side, the salt-and-pepper squid or the naan stuffed with lamb and yoghurt.Ku De Ta has a reputation as the place where Bali goes to party. An elegantly sprawling design means serious diners remain undisturbed by the drinkers on the rooftop beer garden.What drives chefs such as Davenport to go to so much trouble to create dishes of a standard that appeals to the Miele Guide?''We're professionals,'' he says. ''We're going to give the best we've got. I'm employed to do a good job. It's my career, my legacy and reputation. We want to be known as a food destination. Chefs don't want to just work at beach bars.''Bebek betutu or babi guling? Best of Balinese is worth the huntMANY of Bali's hippest restaurants concentrate on Mediterranean cuisine or fusion styles - indigenous Balinese cooking is rarely the focus. Shinta Siregar, who helped design Metis in Kerobokan, says this might be because the Asian clientele snaps up local chefs for their private villas. ''This food is often superb and you wouldn't be able to find it in any restaurant,'' she says. Siregar's own live-in Javanese cook is so popular she caters for the architect's friends and colleagues. At lunchtime she heads off on her motorbike to deliver food.Siregar loves Padang food of West Sumatra and cites as favourites La Pau at Sanur, where ''mum does the cooking, great beef rendang'', and Warung Batavia in Seminyak.Phil Davenport enjoys eating at Bambuku in Kuta where ''they make stuff for lunch and, once it's gone, it's gone''. He says Jimbaran Bay, home of seafood grilled with Balinese sauces, is worth a sundown visit - Menega Cafe is a favourite.Maya's Kath Townsend likes Ubud's healthy eating options - Bali Buddha and Naughty Nuri's. She says these are popular with ''the EPLs'' coming to Ubud (EPL refers to visitors inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's book Eat, Pray, Love). She likes to eat nasi champur, Indonesian mixed rice, and the distinctive Balinese Bumbu spice mix - ''highly medicinal''.A member of the Slow Food movement and its founder in Ubud, Townsend loves slow-roasted Balinese duck, bebek betutu. ''It's marinated in a special spice mix, using the lean ducks from the rice paddies, wrapped in banana leaves, then wrapped in coconut husks and baked in the ground. You need to order a day in advance.''Babi guling is Bali's famous roast pig. Townsend's diners enjoy a version ordered in from a local roaster. Ubud is also home to Ibu Oka, the place where Anthony Bourdain had what he called ''the best pig ever''.Expensive dropWINE prices remain a sticking point everywhere you go in Bali - in the range of $75 for a bottle of Peter Lehmann shiraz at Metis.While Bali is Hindu, Indonesia is a Muslim country, so the sale of alcohol, and the taxing of it, remains tricky. Those in the know suggest trying Chilean drops or something from California as alternatives. The island is overpopulated with ''mixologists'', so cocktails are plentiful and inexpensive.If beer is more your thing, it's available at many convenience stores. The original local tipples, Bali Hai and Bintang, are (thankfully) now up against newcomer Storm Brewing, a pale ale full of hoppy goodness, similar to Fat Yak. Many places also sell Carlsberg, San Miguel and Heineken.Source: EpicureRead more: http://www.theage.com.au/entertainment/restaurants-and-bars/bali-rides-a-new-wave-of-flavour-20120114-1pzy3.html#ixzz1jrx1GNNO

Enchanting Colors by Trio Women Painters

Maya Ubud Blog from FeedBurner - Mon, 01/02/2012 - 11:00
Maya Ubud Resort & Spa is proud to present three exceptional women painters: Ardha P. Koto, Tjok Mas Astiti and Agnes Yulinawati. During the month of December 2011 they will exhibit their latest works titled “Enchanting Colors by Trio Women Painters”.Ardha Prihandono Koto has exhibited her works widely in Indonesia and overseas since 1974. She likes to experiment and express her thoughts in many creative ways. Ardha, a former lecturer of the Art & Design Faculty in Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) is known for live painting performance and her poetic titles. She is active in teaching and consulting young artists and women artists. Tjokorda Istri Mas Astiti is originally from Payangan, Gianyar and currently teaches at the Institute of Art Denpasar. Tjok Mas has been painting and participating in exhibitions since 1965 in Denpasar, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Jakarta, Germany, London and Australia. In her work Tjok Mas focuses on the lives and feeling of women, especially Balinese woman with particular cares and responsibilities, not only for her children, but also in other roles of life, such as dancing, teaching and as a wife and mother. Agnes Yulinawati gained insight into the flourishing Japanese art world in 1980-1981 as an overseas technical trainee before graduating from Udayana University in 1983. Her first painting exhibition was in 1977 “Exhibition of Young Indonesia Painters” at Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta. Since then Agnes has exhibited her works in various cities of Indonesia and Japan. As Agnes matured as an artist, her landscapes metamorphosed from painstakingly accurate renditions of scenes to a more evocative, spiritual expression of landscapes. “Enchanting Colors by Trio Women Painters” exhibition will be held in the Lobby of Maya Ubud Resort & Spa during the month of December 2011.

Jeweled Batik Exhibition

Maya Ubud Blog from FeedBurner - Mon, 08/01/2011 - 15:49
Annemarie KiparThe Gallery Boutique of Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, during the month of August will feature a unique collection of jeweled batik tapestries designed by Annemarie Kipar.German-born Annemarie Kipar decorates her beautiful batik selection with beads,sequins and stones piece, creating beautiful glittering tapestries. Annemarie found Indonesian batiks to be magical in their intricate design with motifs ranging from imaginative to naif; mystical to primitive.Each piece of art takes three to four months to complete. Over the years Annemarie's tapestries have become collector's items throughout the world and adorn the homes of celebrities. Apart of the proceeds from this exhibition will be donated to Smile Foundation Bali and Metropolis in Tirta Gangga, Karangasem, Bali. 

New Fitness Center & Yoga Pavilion at Maya Ubud Resort & Spa

Maya Ubud Blog from FeedBurner - Wed, 07/20/2011 - 10:00
The award winning Maya Ubud Resort & Spa opened its new Fitness Center and Yoga Pavilion on Friday, July 15, 2011. Located on the western side of the resort adjoining the tennis court and overlooking the pitch & putt golf green.The fully air-conditioned Fitness Center features the latest state-of-the-art exercise equipment offering our resort guests the opportunity to enjoy their regular workout whilst on vacation. On the upper level, a generous 187 square meter space provides an excellent venue for daily yoga in a tranquil atmosphere, with stunning views over the resort gardens and the adjacent rice terraces.The Fitness Center is open from 06.00 to 21.00 and offers the services of a Personal Trainer. As part of our wellness program on the floor above, a one hour complimentary "Yoga for Beginners" session is conducted each morning for all to join. Following this, the pavilion is available for private yoga lessons, group sessions or yoga retreat activities. These new facilities complement the resort's other holistic wellness programs."Since the inception of Maya Ubud, we have constantly striven to upgrade and improve our product to meet the every growing requirements of our guests," commented Paul Blake, General Manager.Other recreational facilities and activities available in Maya Ubud Resort & Spa include two infinity-edge swimming pools, a hard surface floodlit tennis court, pitch & putt golf green, Pilates lessons, Balinese cooking classes, nature walks, village trekking excursions and mountain biking.For further information please contact:Julita ChandraMarketing Communications ManagerTel. +62 361 977 888Fax. +62 361 977 555marketing@mayaubud.comwww.mayaubud.com

Solo Painting Exhibition by Wayan Pendet

Maya Ubud Blog from FeedBurner - Mon, 07/18/2011 - 11:58
Traditional Life of Bali that is the theme of the Solo Painting Exhibition by Wayan Pendet, held at Maya Ubud Resort & Spa Lobby from the 1st July to 31st July 2011.Wayan Pendet, born in 1939 in Peliatan ubud. He graduated from junior high school in Ubud in 1956 and then studied painting techniques under Anak Agung Raka Turas from 1956 - 1959.Apart from painting, Wayan was also parcitipated in wood carving and soft stone sketch and relief projects. Together with his mentor, Anak Agung Raka Turas he was involved in the creation of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Indonesia Miniature park) Jakarta in 1975. He was also participated in creating two monuments at museum Purna Bhakti Pertiwi in Jakarta in 1990.Wayan Pendet uses acrylic, water color on paper and canvas for his paintings. In his daily life Wayan is also a farmer and it is from here he has acquired inspiration for many of his paintings. His charming artworks reflect much of the traditional Balinese way of life, dances, temple ceremonies and the colorful traditional market.

United Colour of Art - Ubud Artists Painting Exhibition

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Maya Ubud Resort & Spa is featuring a painting exhibition by Ubud artists, entitled “United Colour of Art” during the month of June. The paintings being exhibited will include traditional and classic subjects such as a beautiful Oleg Tambulilingan Dancer, Kecak, Baris, Pendet; and other works in a more modern style.All artists were born and raised in Ubud, the center of classical Balinese art. Talented from birth, all were introduced to art at very young. They explore the island’s rich cultural heritage and express it in their creative paintings. All are actively exhibiting their works in various places Bali and overseas.The most senior painter is I Dewa Putu Mokoh, 75 years old. He was a student of I Gusti Ketut Kobot, whose work was influenced by Rudolf Bonnet (1895-1978). In the 1970’s Mokoh found his own style of painting which is renowned for its simplicity, detail and humor.Wayan Eka Partama is the youngest of the painters in this exhibition. Nevertheless he is a prolific artist and has already participated in 23 exhibitions in Bali and Jakarta and was one of the best graduates of ISI Denpasar (Art Institute of Indonesia in Denpasar) in 2008.These outstanding works of acrylic on canvas can be viewed during this exhibition at the Lobby of Maya Ubud Resort & Spa during the month of June. fz-2011

Welcome to Paradise, A Solo Painting Exhibition by I Ketut Teler

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Maya Ubud Resort & Spa will feature a solo painting exhibition by I Ketut Teler, titled “Welcome to Paradise” from January 8 - February 8, 2011.Teler will display 22 of his unique artworks themed “Welcome to Paradise”, which are the testimonies to the various phenomena of costumes, culture, tradition & religions that occurred in Bali. The paintings show various forms of acculturation and cultural adaptation that grow harmoniously in Bali.Born in 1971 in the village of Bangli, Bali, Teler graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts Indonesia in Denpasar. Since 1992 he has been active in group exhibitions in a number of galleries and museums in Bali, Yogyakarta and Jakarta. In 1995 he participated in The Artist Residence in Boston, USA. In the same year he was awarded the First Prize Kamasra by the ISI in Denpasar.Since 2002, Teler has been interested in icons and Buddhism which is often reflected in his works. He pursues the philosophy of Mahayana Buddhism, and the rituals of Vajrayana. “Through the middle way, I want to search and find the essence of dualism, which is able to bring about an attitude of tolerance and harmony in life. The middle way it also inspires a lot of my works,” he said.Teler’s exquisite works can be viewed during this exhibition at the Lobby of Maya Ubud Resort & Spa from January 8 - February 8, 2011.

Palebon Agung in Ubud

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A Palebon Agung, the cremation ceremony of Ida Dwa Agung Peliatan IX was held on November 2, 2010 in the vicinity of Ubud. The procession started around 1 p.m. with a mass of local community carried out 8.5-meter-high white bull with golden horns, a 6-meter-high dragon bridge (nagabanda), and a 25-meter-high 11-tier cremation tower (bade). The body of the royal Ida Dwa Agung Peliatan IX was placed in this tower and transported to the Pura Dalem from Peliatan Palace.

Materials Exploration, Solo Painting Exhibition by Dadik Isbandono

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Dadik Isbandono displays eleven (11) of his unique paintings at Maya Ubud Resort & Spa. In this exhibition he roamed realism using different materials, such as: coffee, tea, pencil colour and acrylic on canvas.Dadik shared that the technique he uses for painting with tea is similar with painting with water-colour. We can see the water marks from the brush. While painting with coffee will create an end result a rough surface. It’s interesting to know that the quality and way to handle these paintings are the same as painting using other materials.Born in 1969 in Kediri - East Java, Dadik Isbandono studied fine art painting in IKIP Malang – East Java and was graduated in 1992. In 1998 Dadik moved to Bali and do a lot of human portrait paintings. He captures natural human expression in daily life in most of his works.Dadik’s beautiful works can be viewed during this exhibition at Maya Ubud Resort & Spa from October 6 to November 15, 2010.