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Maya Ubud Resort & Spa Conducts Educational Workshop Named "Learning by Doing"

UBUD - BALI, 01 August 2013 – In its concern for the education and wellbeing of children in the local communities surrounding the hotel, Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, in collaboration with Gita International Yoga conducted a workshop for the teachers at SD No.2 Pejeng Kawan to enhance their awareness of the "Learning by Doing" application in the educational process.

At the commencement of the program, Ms. Dianne Lucas, Director of Gita International Yoga received a warm welcome from the Principal Ms. Desak Nyoman Suasti of SD No. 2 Pejeng Kawan, to share her enormous teaching experience.

The aim of the workshop was to enable the teachers to apply their teaching skills in a more creative and interesting way, and in a relaxed and comfortable environment, and to instill in the teachers an awareness of the importance of a "Learning by Doing" technique, in which teachers are required to use a more visual approach in their teaching methods to enable their students to more easily comprehend the lesson being taught.

Following the program, Gita International Yoga delighted the children by donating a substantial number of books, stationery items, and other learning aids and materials to support the means and media of communication between teachers and students in defining a more efficient learning process.